Are you a busy, ambitious professional seeking solutions to finally heal your gut?

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You’re successful in your career, you keep the ship afloat at home, but you can’t figure out how to get your own health on track.

Yet you still feel exhausted, have chronic stomach issues, food sensitivities, anxiety, insomnia and get sick every time your child does.

You’ve tried all the things.

You’ve even exhausted western medical options and you’re not content with the answers you’re getting (or not getting).

I feel you. I’ve been there before.

Over 15 years ago I fixed my lifelong struggle with stomach aches, dairy sensitivity, constipation and anxiety. You know what was most surprising, it wasn’t difficult and it’s been a piece of cake to maintain my good health since then.

It’s not that you don’t have enough information, it’s just that you probably have too much of it!

Information overload. Decision fatigue.

They stress us out like no other.

If you want:

  • more energy

  • increased productivity in work and life

  • relief from chronic digestive issues

  • stronger immunity (no more colds and days missed from work!)

  • better sleep

  • less stress

then the


4 week course is for you.

In this 4 week online course, you will learn to heal your gut with simple fixes for long term solutions.

What’s different about my approach?

For starters, it takes YOU, the individual, into account. You will learn the keys to heal and maintain your gut and finally free yourself of information overload and constant overwhelm because you don’t know who or what approach to listen to.

I am Rachel and after several years of clinical practice, I’ve distilled down the most essential concepts from Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine into a 4 week quick start course called HEAL YOUR GUT: simple fixes for longer solutions.

To find out more or apply for a spot: book your complimentary call below. I can’t wait to talk!

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