Initial Ayurveda Consult: ($145)

During the initial consultation, we will talk about your health concerns and your desires for how you want you health and life to improve. I will ask many questions about your health history, food habits, lifestyle, stress, emotions and beyond.

You will receive specific recommendations to guide your food choices, daily routine, sleep habits and more. This may include any of the following:

• Personalized support and instruction for developing a daily meditation, yoga and or breathing (pranayama) practice

• Chinese or Ayurvedic herbal supplements or a custom formula will be recommended on a case by case basis

• Recipes, book recommendations and any other resources that may be useful to you

• Customized acupressure point prescription to be administered by you as part of your daily self-care routine

Ayurveda Follow Up: $85

During a follow up, together we discuss your progress, address what is working and what needs further attention. You will receive more recommendations tailored just for you and at the end of a few follow-ups, you will have a personalized healing program created just for you! 

My goal is for you to learn how to be the authority on your own health in order to make the best choices even as the seasons and stressors change. In time, as you learn your body/mind tendencies toward balance and imbalance you won't need my help anymore, aside from the occasional "maintenance" check in. This is my goal for each and every person I work with!

Initial Consult + Acupuncture Treatment: $175

During this initial consult, you will receive an acupuncture treatment in addition to personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations. You will leave feeling revived and ready to take action with your personalized healing program. 

Acupuncture Follow Up: $75

This appointment lasts 45-60 mins. I recommend this for those who want to come more often or who need less dietary and lifestyle support.

Ayurveda + Acupuncture Blend: $120

This appointment lasts for 60-75 minutes and allows for sufficient time to discuss your health concerns and changes you are experiencing. You will receive a relaxing acupuncture treatment as well as additional suggestions made to your unique healing program.