$165 one time fee. Includes personalized recommendations based on Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine and herbal or supplement recommendations as needed. 

$95 one hour. Personalized support including dietary, lifestyle and herbal or supplement recommendations as needed.


"A little over five years ago, I developed a very painful and disruptive autoimmune health condition that had all my doctors stumped. I tried antibiotics, steroids, rinses, and more. I avoided every imaginable trigger food. I went to a barrage of doctors and none had answers or a fitting diagnosis. I felt overwhelmed and despondent.

That is where Rachel came in. She held an initial consultation with me, and asked so many questions that no doctors had asked. It was clear that she saw me as an individual with a unique constitution, and that any treatments she recommended would be based on this knowledge.

During this challenging time Rachel was thoughtful and kind, and an empathic listener—very easy to open up to. She also promised that we would get to the root of what was going on and find solutions together—I cannot overstate the level of relief it brought to have Rachel commit to helping me regain my health.

Under her careful direction, and to my amazement, my autoimmune condition had completely resolved. About a year after this, I had a flare up, and followed her directions again. Again, she helped me through and I have not experienced the symptoms since.

In the meantime Rachel has provided on-going guidance and occasional treatments to help me continue to improve my health and maintain a proper balance for my body. I cannot imagine my life without Ayurveda today or without the wisdom and council of Rachel Redmond".  --F.M. Ann Arbor, Michigan.