Introduction to the Art of Yin Way Living



Yin Way Private Coaching (2 months)


Let yourself receive the support you need to break free from your past and step into your best life. 

What you receive the 2 month private coaching program:

  • 8 weekly sessions (1 hour each over zoom)

  • unlimited email support

  • custom herbal formula if needed

  • weekly action steps to create lasting change

  • hand-picked recipes, guided meditations, podcasts, books, yoga poses, breath work techniques, journal prompts or anything under the sun that will help you on your journey

  • weekly update forms to track your progress in a linear and tangible way

  • a safe, non-judgmental, confidential space that allows you to step into your best self

What makes the Yin Way Program Unique?

I see everyone through the dual lenses of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, which allows me to gain perspective of your unique body/mind constitution and current constitutional  imbalances. In addition, the most essential aspect of Chinese Medicine is balancing the interplay of yin and yang. Together we will co-create a healing program that is specific, doable and transformative.

My education and training offers me an unusual opportunity to integrate these two healing systems in a way that is extraordinarily powerful and tailor made for you and your highest goals. I do not believe in the method of "no pain no gain". The Yin Way method is about ease, flow and in that state, you will experience your wildest dreams come true.