Introduction to the Art of Yin Way Living


8 Week Group Program

The yin way is an intentional approach to living. As women, we need to both tend and be tended to. It helps to do this within a group, with the support and the joy that comes from building our village and the ease that comes from communing with a tribe.


I'm now offering an 8 week group program called "the art of yin way living". In it, we will discuss how ancient eastern lifestyle and nutrition concepts from Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine are not only relevant today, they are what's required to live the life we deeply desire. Together we will share our stories, connect, build relationship, nurture one another and be nurtured by the group. We will identify the necessary ingredients for getting back in touch with our health, our wholeness and our uniqueness as individuals and as sisters on this planet.


Over the course of 8 weeks, you can expect to examine and shift your relationship with stress. You may see the effects of hormone imbalances (whatever they are) quell and still. You may experience more joy, more connection to yourself and others, more access to your intuition, and the ability to effortlessly choose foods and habits that will allow your mind/body/spirit to discover new possibilities for living.


We will not set goals in the traditional sense because we are always evolving and balance is only and ever dynamic anyway. The goal post always changing. The yin way is about allowing the process, being held by the fact that you can trust it and if you just can't, the group will hold you. Because alone we may be sturdy enough to survive, to just get through another day, but together we create a web of support that inspires us into a new way of being.

A better way.

The yin way.