Re-imagine how you want to feel 

Proper digestion is the foundation for experiencing optimal health in your body and mind.

I’d like to present to you an alternative reality to the one you’ve been living. A reality where you wake up feeling rested and refreshed; where your clothes fit easily and comfortably; where you can forget about conventional dieting, while eating the food you love AND still love how you look and feel. A reality where you can easily manage the daily stress of life without all the anxiety, irritability or frustration.

Dream big…because you can. 

Do you experience any of the following:

Gas, bloating, water retention, heartburn, constipation or diarrhea

Difficulty losing weight or you seem to gain weight easily, even when counting calories

Constant fatigue or exhaustion

Tired AND wired so that you can’t fall asleep or stay asleep

Decreased mental clarity and focus

A constant state of stress, anxiety, irritability or feeling overwhelmed

To help your wellnesdreams become your reality I customize a set of recommendations to effectively address you health concerns, goals and desires. I use a unique approach combing my backgroud in Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, yoga, meditiaton, nutrtion and mindfulness.  

 1-1 Consults

Initial Ayurveda Consult: $145 (75-90 minutes)

Follow-Up Consult: $85 (45 mins) 

What you receive:

•During the initial consultation, we will talk about your health concerns and struggles as well as your goals and desires for how you want you health and life to improve. I will ask many questions about your health history, diet, lifestyle, stress, emotions and much more.

•  Tailored for you recommendations and guidance about your diet, daily routine and sleep habits

• Personalized support and instruction for developing a daily meditation, yoga and or breathing (pranayama) practice

• Chinese and/or Ayurvedic herbal formula may be recommended on a case by case basis

• Recipes, book recommendations and any other resources that may be useful to you

• Customized acupressure point prescription to be administered by you as part of your daily self-care routine


I contacted Rachel because of terrible digestive issues that were getting in the way of my work and daily life. Chest pains, sleeplessness, constant burping, numbness in my limbs, and upset stomach were the primary symptoms. It got to the point that if I forgot to bring my bottle of Tums or Kaopectate to work, I’d have to go home in the middle of the day and get them. I was distracted and concerned about my body. I had gone to my doctor and had an ER visit, but they couldn’t help explain the problems. 

Rachel was recommended to me by a friend who had worked with her to overcome severe digestive issues related to stress. After my consultation with Rachel, I tried her recommendations and found that the mindful approach to eating–eating at regular times, eating foods that helped my digestion–helped me to take control of this important aspect of my life. This took so much stress off of my body–a huge weight lifted. Instead of simply eating (or barely eating) in a rush, I made time for meals, and thought carefully about them. 

My severe symptoms clears and I have not experience the same kind of stomach/bowel upset in years (nor have I had to ingest Tums or Kaopectate again!). I continue to use Rachel’s recommendations to start and end my day, and feel happiest and healthiest this way. I cannot recommend Rachel’s service highly enough–her recommendations–simple, easy to follow, thoughtful, clear, and specific–changed my life for the better and inform my habits even now, many years later.

–Catherine C., Ann Arbor, MI

Several years ago, I developed a very painful and disruptive autoimmune health condition that had all my doctors stumped. I tried antibiotics, steroids, rinses, and more. I avoided every imaginable trigger food. I went to a barrage of doctors and none had answers or a fitting diagnosis. I felt overwhelmed and despondent–and I can assure you, compulsively searching health conditions on the internet in that emotional state is not recommended. 

That is where Rachel came in. She held an initial consulation with me, and asked so many questions that no doctors had asked. It was clear that seh saw me as an individual with a unique constitution, and that any treatments she recommended would be based on this knowledge. 

During this challenging time Rachel was thoughtful and kind, and an empathic listener–very easy to open up to. She also promised that we would get to the root of what was goind on and find solutions together–I cannot overstate the level of relief it brought to have Rachel commit to helping me regain my health. 

Under her careful direction, I did an at-home cleanse. When I slowly started reintroducing foods back into my diet, to my amazement my autoimmune condition had completely resolved. About a year after this, I had a flare up, and follwer her directions again. Again, she helped me through and I have not experienced the symptoms since. 

In the meantime Rachel has provided on-going guidance and occasional treatments to help me continue to improve my health and maintain a proper balance for my body. I cannot imagine my life without Ayurveda today or without the wisdom and council of Rachel. 

–Frances M., Ann Arbor, MI

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