How I healed my digestive issues with Ayurveda


For years I struggled with regular, often daily stomach aches, pain, constipation and an intolerance to dairy. Back in the day we called it lactose intolerance and I popped those Lactaid pills religiously whenever I ate dairy. Still, I felt pain and discomfort for the first 18 years of my life. By the time I was a freshmen in college, my digestive issues were so bad I could hardly eat anything without feeling horrible. I went to the doctor and was given a pill and told I could take it daily, for years if needed.

Though I was a relatively naïve 19 year old, the idea of taking a prescribed medicine for the rest of my life just didn’t feel right. I was young and by western standards healthy, but I knew something deeper was going on. I wanted to figure out the cause of my digestive issues so I could actually heal the problem rather than cover it up. I took the medicine for a year, and was grateful to have relief from some of my symptoms while I looked for a different solution. 

Towards the end of my freshmen year in college, I found my answer: Ayurveda.  Ayurveda, is an ancient holistic medical science from India. At the time, I had never heard of Ayurveda and could hardly pronounce it (it’s Ahh-yur-vay-duh). Though my stomach issues worsened with food, dairy in particular, my treatment did not start with food, it started with meditation. Quieting the mind and focusing on the present moment allowed me to begin to process a backlog of bottled-up emotions that I had pushed way way down and out of my conscious mind.

Within 3 months of meditating everyday, nearly 80 percent of my digestive issues resolved! Nearly twenty years of daily discomfort, gone. Poof!  The same foods that left me doubled-over in pain no longer caused me a problem (and let me tell you I tested my limits!!!). There was a side effect from all this meditating. Anxiety was no longer my constant companion. I found my answer in ayurveda and my passion in sharing that ancient wisdom with you.