eat what you love | love how you feel 


Proper digestion is the foundation for realizing optimal health in your body and living an inspired life. There is no one like you with your particular set of needs, desires or circumstances. This is why I never work with anyone the same way.  My edge is in figuring out your fastest route to radiant heath and then guiding you there, step by step by step.

Just as we need to digest food on a daily basis, we also need to digest our mental and emotional experiences on a daily basis. Radiant health and vitality means that there is a dynamic and harmonious interplay among the body, mind and spirit. I address each of these aspects making our work together truly holistic.

My approach is individualistic, accessible, deep and intuitive.


I customize each program to effectively address your health concerns, goals and desires. To help your wellness dreams become your reality, I use a unique approach combining my background in Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, yoga, mediation, nutrition and mindfulness.

We are meant to work together if:

• You experience troublesome digestive issues like gas, bloating, indigestion or constipation

• You are tired all of the time

• You love food and long to be able to eat anything you want without feeling anxious about what might happen if you do or just plain horrible and uncomfortable because you did

• Your diet is limited because foods like gluten and dairy affect you negatively, yet you are frustrated and bored with such a limited and restrictive way of eating. You would love to have your cake and eat it, too (with no discomfort)!

• You are overwhelmed or confused by all of the contradicting information on what you should be eating and want to figure out what works best for your unique body

• You experience anxiety or feelings of depression and want effective ways to managing your emotions naturally and holistically

• You struggle with PMS (irritability, cravings, water retention or more) • You suffer from painful periods or you know that some part of your menstrual cycle is imbalanced

• You are planning to get pregnant in the next year OR you are currently trying to conceive and would like professional guidance and support to get your body-mind-spirit ready for the incredibly transition into motherhood.

• You want to know how best to support yourself with foods, supplements, exercise when trying to get pregnant

• You want to feel better. Intuitively you know that you could feel better than you do, but you just don’t know what to do or how to get there

• You want sustainable, easily maintainable results

• You want to learn how to inform your intuition around food, lifestyle and emotional balance and wellness

If you feel that I may be right person to help you reach your health goals or desires, please fill out this form to schedule a complimentary discovery session with me. Together we will decide if we are meant to work together.  


The quick start is for you if you are already relatively healthy, but you want to know how to make some simple upgrades to your diet and lifestyle so you can experience better digestion, improved energy and figure out how to live an inspired life.

The quick start may also be for you if you’re interested in the 3-month package, but you are not quite sure ready to make the commitment and financial investment. The quick start will give you a taste of what I do and how I work. Think of it like the appetizer to a great meal. My thinking is that if I like the bread served before the meal, I know I will LOVE the rest of the meal.

What do you get:

• First appointment is a 1 ½ conversation over skype or facetime where we talk about your health concerns and struggles as well as your goals and desires for how you want you health and life to improve. I will ask many questions about your health history, diet, lifestyle, stress, emotions and much more.

• One 50 minute follow-up appointment.

• Email support between the first appointment and follow-up

• Customized recommendations designed just for you.


The All-In 3 months 1-1 coaching package is for you if you want to get to the root of your digestive issues and reboot your whole system from the inside out. This is for you if you are committed to your health and ready to step in to a dynamic new way of living, eating and being in the world. I like to think of it as the full meal☺.

What do you get:

• 1 ½ hour initial consultation session where we talk about your health concerns and struggles as well as your goals and desires for how you want you health and life to improve. I will ask many questions about your health history, diet, lifestyle, stress, emotions and much more.

• Six 50 minute sessions to reinforce the positive changes you’re making and to go even deeper with each session

• Email support for the entire 3 months duration of our work together

•  Tailored for you recommendations and guidance about your diet, daily routine and sleep habits

• Personalized support and instruction for developing a daily meditation, yoga and or breathing (pranayama) practice

• Chinese and/or Ayurvedic herbal formula may be recommended on a case by case basis

• Recipes, book recommendations and any other resources that may be useful to you

• Customized acupressure point prescription to be administered by you as part of your daily self-care routine