For any phase of your reproductive journey:

Balance you period

Fertility & Pregnancy


Targeted support for pre-conception, pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Do you want to set yourself up for the healthiest pregnancy possible, but don’t know where to begin? I’m glad you landed here. 

Becoming a mother is the physical, emotional and spiritual process of redefining who you are and who you want to become. 

Each month of pregnancy comes with its own challenges and opportunities as your baby grows and you evolve your identity as mother. 

Pre-conception Coaching Package 

This is for you if:

You want to learn how to support your fertility and increase your chances of conceiving and carrying a healthy baby to term. 

You want to know what your menstrual cycle has to tell you about your fertility.

You want customized recommendations so you know exactly what foods will best support YOU and your ability to conceive.  

You want to learn simple, daily actions you can take to reduce stress, find more flow in your life and increase your chances of conception. 

You want your questions answered on which prenatal supplements and herbs to take you you prepare you body for pregnancy. It’s never too early to start!

You or your partner has been diagnosed with “unexplained infertility”; you’ve experienced pregnancy loss; have not been successful with assisted reproductive technologies.

What you receive: 

• 4 coaching sessions with customized recommendations designed specifically for you

• Targeted support to address menstrual cycle imbalances

• Learn how to eat for each phase of your menstrual cycle

• A personalized acupressure prescription that you can do daily-think of it as advanced self-care!

• Customized herbal formula if deemed appropriate (cost of herbs is separate)

• Tools for how to deeply connect with your intution to support you in the process of becoming a mother

• Additional support if you’ve experienced pregnancy loss 


This is for you if:

You are pregnant. Congratulations!!!

You are at any point in your pregnancy whether it’s the 2nd month or the 9th!

You want to know how best to support yourself and your growing baby through each month of your pregnancy 

You want additional support as you make the sacred journey from woman to mother

You want to plan and prepare for your postpartum experience. It’s never too early to start thinking about it! 

What you receive: 

• Monthly check-ins to support you and the changing lanscape of your body as you progress through your pregnancy

• Nutritional and emotional support through each month and specific suggestions for how to support each developmental phase of your baby in utero, according to Ayurveda

• Troubleshoot common pregnancy discomforts and what you can do about them

•  Tailored for you recommendations and guidance about your diet, daily routine and sleep habits

• Personalized support and instruction for developing a daily meditation, yoga and or breathing (pranayama) practice

• As your pregnancy progresses, we will discuss the signicance of the postpartum period and how to approach it practically and spiritually 

• Recipes, book recommendations and any other resources that may be useful to you

Your investment: $100/session